Comedy Industries with huge crowd at Interop Trade Show
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Photo of Trade Show Magician Jay Alexander When corporate leaders such as Charles Schwab and celebrities like Robin Williams and the Rolling Stones need unique entertainment, they call one individual: Master Magician Jay Alexander.

And they call year after year.

Jay was the star of Brøderbund’s Learn the Art of Magic with Jay Alexander. He has been seen on the Today Show and Good Morning America and featured in The New York Times and Newsweek.

Jay comes from a family of performers. His great-grandfather was the famous vaudeville escape artist, Gentleman Ben Darwin. Today, Jay carries on the family tradition, mystifying audiences with his work with Comedy Industries.

Rolling Stones Voodoo

Two generations have gone to see the Rolling Stones for entertainment, and who could argue? But who do the Stones go to for their Entertainment? Yes, Jay Alexander!!! Jay was such a big hit at the Stones’ halloween party at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater, that they hired Jay the very next day to delight them and their families while cruising the bay on a private yacht. Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood was so impressed by Jay’s personal and spell-binding illusions he invited him to dinner and special seating at the next evening’s concert. Like a giddy child, enthralled with what he saw, Ron quickly showed his gratitude by painting our Jay in action, and signing it: “A humble offering, Ronnie to Jay.”


“The most mesmerizing show in town”
• Newsweek Magazine

“Hey Mick, this guy is the best magician I have ever seen!”
• Ron Wood, Rolling Stones Guitarist

“Your card is still stuck on my ceiling, it makes a great conversation piece. My wife has not stopped talking about the trick you did with our cookbook!”
• Robin Williams

“That is incredible. Really incredible. Can you do that again?”
• Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer

“Mr. Alexander’s patter is so snappy and his personality so intense!”
• Stephen Manes, New York Times

“Your show is a blast!”
• John Kilcullen, CEO, IDG Books

“Your superb talent as a magician and your professional attitude were highly regarded by Stern-Hall Event Marketing, Foote, Cone and Belding, and Coca Cola Foods.”
• Juliet Dervin, Coca-Cola, Fruitopia Tour Manager

“Jay turned our routine, speech-laden, 10th Anniversary Celebration into a smashing success. Through Jay’s wit, humor, and magic, he filled in between each speaker, adding laughter and excitement. His performance at the end of the speeches was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.”
• Rhea Salasche, Dainippon Screen Engineering

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