Comedy Industries with huge crowd at Interop Trade Show
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Photo of Trade Show Juggler, Unicyclist, and Presenter Katrine Spang-Hanssen Katrine Spang-Hanssen is one the world’s premier female jugglers. She has toured the world opening for stars such as Kenny Rodgers, Willie Nelson, and Natalie Cole. She’s performed at hundreds of comedy clubs, fairs, festivals, colleges, and theater productions. Together with Scott Meltzer she has performed an infinite number of trade show presentations, juggling and presenting for corporate clients ranging from startups in 10x10 booths along the back wall to Fortune 100 diamond sponsors.

Katrine grew up in a family of musicians and college professors in Denmark, where universal healthcare, government-sponsored higher education, and speaking multiple languages were considered normal. She moved to the US when she was 20 and is only now recovering from the culture shock.

Katrine first started working in show business as a model but quickly switched to comedy and juggling after she was informed that models had to wear dresses.

As Comedy Industries’ resident polyglot, Katrine speaks English, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, and Swedish. She has also performed many times in Japan, in Japanese, a language she does not speak, getting big laughs mostly for her creative pronunciation.

She is a master of juggling, unicycling, ball-spinning, and whip-cracking. She is also a professional drummer, playing with several jazz and pop ensembles around the Bay Area.

Where does she find the time? She doesn’t watch television.

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