Comedy Industries with huge crowd at Interop Trade Show
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Photo of Trade Show Juggler Tim Kelly Tim Kelly, the youngest member of Comedy Industries, actually started out as our office manager, but after he became a better juggler than the rest of us, we had to make him a full-time performer.

Before Tim started juggling, he was a world champion hacky-sacker . He quickly discovered there was no demand for even the best footbaggers as corporate entertainers so he devoted himself to becoming an expert in yo-yos, tops, coin snatching, and origami.

Tim now performs with the widest variety of juggling props including torches, knives, clubs, balls, cigar boxes, tennis cans, and hats. He is frighteningly good on a RolaBola and won the International Jugglers Association World Championship for his artistic three ball juggling.

As Comedy Industries’ most esoteric juggler, Tim has performed all around the world including Japan, Singapore, Norway, Germany, England, and all over the US and Canada. He now spends most of his life sleeping, juggling, playing poker, and making people laugh on cruise ships as the blonder half of Wilde and James.

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