Comedy Industries with huge crowd at Interop Trade Show
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Richard Sherman
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The great thing about working with Comedy Industries is not just that they’re brilliant entertainers. It’s that they take the time to understand our business, our messaging, and how to present that to the huge crowds of potential customers they bring to our booth. That’s why I wouldn’t even think of doing a trade show where I needed to create interest and build brand awareness without using the people from Comedy Industries.


In fact several times when I’ve had a skeptical CEO or a skeptical VP of Sales, I’ve told them ‘Look, I don’t even want to do a booth.  I just want to put in the space, put up a couple of signs that say who we are, and I’ll make my trade show investment with Comedy Industries because they’re going to bring the people to me, they’re going to qualify the leads for me, and they’re really going to make that trade show a successful venture for us.’


That said, I haven’t had one of those skeptics that didn’t come back after the show and say ‘That was the smartest investment we ever made in a trade show.’ And that’s why I feel so confident recommending them.”

Richard Sherman
Supply Chain Solutions Manager

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