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Scott Meltzer’s Monthly Column on Comedy
Writing for Jugglers and Other Variety Artists

Juggler, comedian, trade show presenter, and writer, Scotty Meltzer writes a monthly column on comedy writing for eJuggle, the International Jugglers’ Association ezine. These articles are focussed on comedy writing for jugglers, magicians, and other variety artists, but many of the concepts presented could also be useful for stand-up comics, storytellers, or anyone who just wants to Be Funnier.

Articles currently open to the public:

          Comedy Darwinism

          Comedy Creationism

          The Secret of Great Comedy


          Thou Shalt Not Steal

          How to Steal


          Corporate Comedy

          More Corporate Comedy

          Theft? or Inspiration!

          Tag, You’re It!

          Nice Structure!

          Structure? Genius!

          You Punch Like a Girl

          I Look At All The Funny People

          Doctoring Jokes

          That’s Not Funny

          That’s Still Not Funny

          Mixing It Up

          Mixing In Action

          Comedy Karaoke

          Hat Juggling

Articles still available only to IJA members:

          Dan Holzmans’ Framework Technique

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