Comedy Industries with huge crowd at Interop Trade Show

Experienced trade show presenters, trade show jugglers,
and trade show magicians effectively deliver your messages

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The Comedy Industries team includes the best trade show presenters and variety talent in the country. Our skills include: comedy, juggling, unicycling, magic, fire-eating, improv, tight-rope walking, straitjacket escapes, script writing, and too much more.

Photo of Trade Show Juggler, Unicyclist, Presenter and Writer Scott Meltzer

Scott Meltzer is the head writer and a principle trade show performer for Comedy Industries. He’s also appeared as an expert commentator on ESPN. Scott earned degrees in math and computer science from U. C. Berkeley where he graduated with honors, degrees he now wastes juggling knives and escaping from a straitjacket on top of a six foot unicycle.
Photo of Trade Show Juggler, Unicyclist, and Presenter Katrine Spang-Hanssen

Katrine Spang-Hanssen Katrine Spang-Hanssen is a master of juggling, unicycling, ball-spinning, and whip-cracking. She has toured the world opening for stars such as Kenny Rodgers, Willie Nelson, and Natalie Cole. She’s Comedy Industries’ resident polyglot, speaking English, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, and Swedish!
Photo of Trade Show Juggler and Unicyclist Michael Goudeau

Michael Goudeau appeared as the featured comedy juggling act in the Lance Burton, Master Magician show in Las Vegas for over 19 years. He’s earned ten Emmy nominations as a TV writer and executive producer for Penn & Teller and has written the definitive book on pancake art. We don’t know why.
Photo of Trade Show Juggler Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly is a world champion juggler and footbagger. He performs the most obscure tricks in the Comedy Industries repertoire including box juggling, top spinning, yo-yo tricks, tennis can manipulation, coin snatching, butterfly knife, and origami. Fortunately he doesn’t do mime. Yet.
Photo of Trade Show Presenter Ken Newman

Ken Newman can deliver a straight presentation with total credibility. Or incorporate your message into a customized magic show. Or use his improvisation and acting skills to weave your story into a comic vignette. Whatever the approach, Ken will bring huge crowds to your booth.
Photo of Trade Show Magician Paul Nathan

Paul Nathan is one of our most charismatic and funniest presenters, consistently drawing huge crowds. He’s appeared on HBO, MTV, and Star Trek Voyager and regularly performs at theaters, burlesque shows, and festivals across Europe and the US.
Photo of Juggler, Improvisor and Cuttlerfish Expert Rich Ross

Rich Ross is an accomplished improvisor, trainer, juggler, and actor. With Comedy Industries, he uses all these skills to effectively communicate his clients’ messages. Rich and Scott joined forces in 1991 to form Monkey Wrench - The Comedy Explosion, performing over 500 corporate shows together.
Photo of Trade Show Magician Jay Alexander

Jay Alexander comes from a long family tradition of vaudeville performers. He is the star of Brøderbund’s Learn the Art of Magic with Jay Alexander. Jay has made cars appear, CEOs disappear, and assisted in the appearance of his two children.
Photo of Trade Show Juggler, Unicyclist, and Plate Spinner John Park

John Park started working with Scott as The American Dream Juggling Team when they were both in college at UC Berkeley where John majored in the useless study of rhetoric. Now, he is gainfully employed practicing the useless arts of juggling, unicycling, and plate spinning.
Photo of Juggler and Playwrite Sara Felder

Sara Felder is an accomplished juggler and performer as well as an award-winning playwright. With San Francisco’s Pickle Family Circus, she performed juggling, object-manipulation, and a soft-shoe act in a gorilla suit. Since then, she’s been the opening act for Joan Rivers and toured with Joel Grey.
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