Comedy Industries with huge crowd at Interop Trade Show

What our clients and the media are saying about
the trade show jugglers from Comedy Industries

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The best, and maybe only, real trade show jugglers.
• Penn Jillette, The Bigger, Louder Half of Penn & Teller


The smartest investment we ever made in a trade show.
• Richard Sherman, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, Microsoft


Funny, entertaining, and precisely relevant material.
• Douglas Spiron, General Manager, Home Depot Interiors


I would not do a sales meeting now without Scott and Katrine.
• Martin Forbes, VP of Sales, Siemens OCS


Stand[s] out from the rest of the pack to provide an informative and educational experience … .
• Kristen Reyes, Social Media Lead, HP


A grasp of technology combined with humor that’s really unrivaled.
• John Dunstan, Event Manager, NETGEAR


Even our engineers say: ‘These guys really know what they’re talking about.’”
• Yukari Ohno, Senior Director of Marketing, Apache Design Solutions


If I didn’t know better, I’d mistake you for a thought leader in Ethernet HPC.
• Casey Miles, Systems Engineer, Brocade


We had the biggest crowds on the entire trade show floor … .
• Michael Sanie, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Calypto


We would not have had all these people … if we did not have Comedy Industries.
• Bo Memhave, General Manager, NNE Pharmaplan of America


A must do for our next big event.
• Gary Brooks, EVP of Marketing, Bomgar


If it were up to me, I’d have them at every single event … .
• Karen Kelley, Event Coordinator, Verisign


People actually think that they are employees of our company because they’ve become so well versed in the products.”
• Patty Lamire, Trade Show Manager, EMC


They understand our products better than any of the other vendors we’ve used in the past.
• Kevin White, Director of Product Marketing, Ditech Networks


You guys understand our products and our messaging better than we do!”
• Giannina Espinoza, Marketing Events Manager, Ditech Networks


Professional, knowledgeable, and most of all: fun to work with!”
• Catherine Kreutzer, Marketing Manager, Verisign


It was great working with you and Katrine again. I just adore you guys.”
• Donna Alfred, Corporate Strategic Planning Manager, HP


You are amazing!”
• Amy Downing, Trade Show Manager, Brocade


Sharp knives, sharper patter -
  The most accomplished act of their kind in the country.”
• People Magazine


First rate.”
• San Francisco Chronicle


Funny and personable.”
• Variety


The world’s best.”
• Los Angeles Times

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